'An tOcras Mór' The Great Hunger.



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This website has been created to educate people on the TRUTH

Posted by SWIFTY on May 16, 2010 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (9)

While we understand and fully respect that other nations, races and religions have suffered persecution and genocide,

we ask you to respect the content of this website and NOT post articles about other countries.


This website is open to anyone who would like to join and support the mission of TRUTH and education of the horrific events in Ireland 1845 to 1850.


Please refrain from cursing, swearing or any foul language when posting on the website.


All negative or argumentative posts will be removed.



We'd also like to reiterate that news or information must and should be accompanied by links to those for verification purposes by our members.

It is quite easy to throw headlines in here that cannot be verified and can be prejudicial to forming wrong ideas.


This website is not a battleground, it’s a place where Christians, Muslims, Jews and any other faith share information, denounce falsehoods, and contribute to the de-censoring of facts.


There are various members of several faiths in this website, so please let’s keep it thoughtful, mature, and most important: respectful.


 If any of you're own personal  material has being posted on this site and has not being credited to you , please contact me regarding this issue , i will credit it to you or remove it if that is you're wish .

Also if you post any material of you're own and do not want it reposted by the Admins onto our sister facebook group then please state this on your post . NO Admins will copy it , but we cannot vouch for anyone else

Thank you all for you're wonderful support






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