'An tOcras Mór' The Great Hunger.



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john joseph mc gahan
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In the Second World War the Germans sent millions of Jewish people to the Death Chambers,  simply because they , the Germans,  considered the Jews to be inferior to them.   The English Government led a worldwide condemnation of the Germans for that Genocide,  and some of those Germans are still been hounded to this day.  The British will not let up in their rieghtesness  .   And they are correct in doing this and never let the world forget.    But where is the difference between what the Germans done and what the British done 100 years earlier.   The mind picture of starving men women and children along the roadsides begging for food of the carts heavy loaded with Farm Produce while the Soldiers battered them of , in their efforts to make sure that every bit of  farm produce got too England in time for the market..  25% of our people died in this Holocaust and another 25 % died trying to escape it.  which means 50% of the People of Ireland died at the hands of the English.    And to make matters worse , they peddled the lie that it was the failure of the potatoe crop which caused the "famine". And still doing it.    Why have we allowed them to get away with it ?.  

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