'An tOcras Mór' The Great Hunger.



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By Jane Francesca Wilde (Oscar Wilde’s Mother)


Fatherless and motherless, no brothers have I,

And all my little sisters in the cold grave lie;

Wasted with hunger I saw them falling dead --

Lonely and bitter are the tears I shed.



Friendless and loverless, I wander to and fro,

Singing while my faint heart is breaking fast with woe,

Smiling in my sorrow, and singing for my bread --


Lonely and bitter are the tears I shed.



Harp clang and merry song by stranger's door and board,

None ask wherefore tremble my pale lips at each word;

None care why the color from my wan cheek has fled --


Lonely and bitter are the tears I shed.



Smiling and singing still, tho' hunger, want, and woe,

Freeze the young life-current in my veins as I go;

Begging for my living, yet wishing I were dead --


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