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By James Tighe


A stripling, the last of his race,

lies dead In a nook by the Boreen side;

The rivulet runs by his board and his bed,

Where he ate the green cresses and died.

The Lord of the plains where that stream wanders on, -

Oh! he loved not the Celtic race --

By a law of the land cast out fellow man,

And he feeds the fat ox in his place.


The hamlet he leveled, and issued commands,

Preventing all human relief,

And out by the ditches, the serfs of his lands,

Soon perished of hunger and grief.


He knew they should die -- as he ate and he drank

of the nourishing food and wine;

He heard of the death cries of the famish'd and lank

And fed were his dogs and his swine.


That Lord is a Christian! and prays the prayer,

'Our Father' -- the Father of all --

And he reads in the Book of wonderful care,

That marks when a sparrow may fall.


And there lies that youth on his damp cold bed,

And the cattle have stall and straw;

No kindred assemble to wail the lone dead –

They perished by landlord law.


He lies by the path where his forefathers trod –

The race of the generous deeds,

That sheltered the Poor for the honor of God,

And fed them with bread -- not weeds.


Unshrouded he lies by the trackless path,

And he died as his kindred died –

And vengeance Divine points the red bolt of wrath,

For that death by the Boreen side.

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Sandy T.
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And they say that some song carries little truth, just legend...this one has more truth in it's verses than could ever be disputed.



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