'An tOcras Mór' The Great Hunger.



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Coney Eye
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As Prof. Francis Boyle of the university of Illinois states: "Clearly, during the years 1845 to 1850, the British government pursued a policy of mass starvation in Ireland with intent to destroy in substantial part the national, ethnic and racial group commonly known as the Irish People...Therefore, during the years 1845 to 1850


the British government knowingly pursued a policy of mass starvation in Ireland that


constituted acts of genocide against the Irish people within the meaning of Article II (c) of the 1948 [Hague] Genocide Convention."

Yet Jewish groups since the mid-50's have worked hard to make the term "holocaust" refer to a single event, although the term has been used in English since the 13th Century,.






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Sandy T.
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If you look at the definition of the word Holocaust, it makes reference to the Nazi episode, as well as others, including ethnic cleansing. Perhaps they are right in their own minds to want to keep this term confined to that singular episode, but by definition, there were many other "holocausts" throughout history...including the British policies that starved millions of Irish.



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