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There is a memorial in Carfin grotto in Lanarkshire.  Near Glasgow.

It is a fairly recent addition to the grotto which is a place of pilgrimage and national Marian shrine . 

Here is the link to the website : http://www.carfin.org.uk/

They don't seem to have a photo of the memorial which is a large rock with inscriptions in Gaelic and English.  I'll go over on a nice day and try and take a decent photo and post it here.


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thank you for posting  this 




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Photos now uploaded.  Carfin is an interesting place and even if you are not religious you get a sense of the history of the Irish community in Scotland.  The shrine was constructed mostly by striking miners in the 1920's, many of whom were of Irish descent.  It was originally built as a replica of the Lourdes Grotto but various other shrines and memorials have been added to the Saints and other immigrant groups such as the Poles

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