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as we now know the british have lost all records of foods removed from ireland during the years of the crop failure , that is accepable if we have a history or record of british incommpatance of keeping notes , well it seems we have the exact opposite , the ships travelling from africa to america with slaves , rubber , oranges etc kept very accurate records , so accurate infact were they ,,, with temperature , barametric pressure , water temperature , humidity , wind speed and wind direction , etc etc , all these things were logged , with such precession ,,,,,,,, that a computer program has been set up with the data , the british ships covering the atlantic ocean and keeping records of time and data has now given a view of hurricans seasons fromthe 15th centuty till now , the ships were not in the hurricanes but their information pointed them out , now  these are the people who lost all records of food being removed from ireland during a crop failure , they can trace a storm from the 15th century but they cant find a cabbage from the 19th century , seems odd to me , but i might be wrond ?

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Sandy T.
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You raise some very valid points Fran, and thank you for your post. It is no doubt that in order to avoid persecution by the rest of the world, that those records were "conveniently" lost. If the truth had been known at that time, they would have had much to answer for from allies and others who sympathised with the Irish plight.

Sandy T.



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