MEMBERS OWN ARTWORK MEMBERS OWN ARTWORK Website homepage 81031478 Famin? wanted to get a haunting image across 81031479 Sandy T 81031631 Sandy T 81031632 Memorial day poster 81031633 Title pending... I did this digital painting after reading about how these people walked so many, many miles...weak with hunger and disease, some dying on the road...only to get to their destination and either recieve no help, or die upon arrival...the title is pending, because i have so many suggestions for it, I am considering writing a companion poem using the suggestions. 81435542 Death and many other things... Made this up as a cover for the binder I'm keeping my notes, articles and accounts in. 81691178 Irish National Famine Memorial Day I made this up as a reminder that on May 16, 2010, we will all honor the memory of those who suffered and perished during the most horrific period of our Irish History. 81968832 Pending title Any one care to fire a title at it 82529322 Pending Title Any one care to fire a title at it 82529323 Irelands voice 82566065 83895802 FAREWELL GREEN HILLS OF MY BIRTH "FAREWELL GREEN HILLS OF MY BIRTH" ~ By Sandy T. So much left behind.....the land, a life that was familiar, loved ones who perished from hunger and cannot look back, as they tearfully leave behind everything they knew for a future uncertain. A memorial piece to the millions who immigrated to far distant lands, leaving Eire behind, in the hopes of starting anew and a chance at freedom. 84424459 84560158 84652605 We Do Not Blame You Mother So many suffered...children starved as there mothers watched helplessly, then perished with them. My newest piece and short one verse poem...called "We do not blame you mother..." "We were so hungry mother, and we surely know you tried... We do not blame you mother, British Rule is why we died." Sandy T. 84732572 THE TRURH OF THE MATTER 84815443 QUIET DESPERATION Hand drawn digital painting By Sandy T. Imagine watching your entire family fade away from starvation and disease, as you helplessly watch, not able to help them, save only for prayers.Remember the victims of The Great Hunger in Ireland...1845- 1850 For full impact and detail, view as "full view" 84846339 1844 REBELLION 84978020 Hands of Death My latest artistic contribution..hand drawn digital airbrush with vector added. By Sandy T. 86619915 tell me why 86702539 86702540 voices 86980018 FACES OF DESPAIR Multi media digital airbrush/vector By Sandy T. 87744010 angusish 87984961 Penal Cross " Cross dated 1814" Faith gave them strength. 93154493 Give me three grains of corn mother My latest digital rendering. By Sandy T. 93234862 93980906 93980908 93980909 108921215 108921216 108921217 108921409 108921410 The Children of Famine Along with the graphics, I've written a narrative to go along with this piece...sad indeed. 121544103 2011 IRISH NATIONAL HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY On Sunday, May 15, 2011 please remember the victims that died of starvation or fled to far flung lands to escape Imperial injustice. At noon, observe a moment of silence in their memory. Thank you! By Sandy T. 125103925 126892875 126892876 Famine? Holocaust This is my painting of how I saw in my mind/spirit the decimation of Irish through deliberate genocidal strategies. I wrote the poem to goes with it. Clank & drag - chains of history - Poundings of hate - Destiny & Fate the truth - the truth is no mystery Famine? No, it was Holocaust It was genocide Honor those who long lie buried in the sod Here is to those who died guts twisted with starvation cadaver faces eyes burning orbs of despair crying out to a silent God some with grass juice trickling out of their tormented mouths and some eating bark off the trees They fell by the roadside stench of rotting flesh bodies piling up all around thousands died without a sound mass graves mass graves mass graves Genocidal strategies Let rage take to the stage & dance a deadman's jig Rattling bones of schisms and prisons Let the dead rise up & spit on the proffered cup of pseudo justice & toxic lies Famine? No - it was Holocaust Will they ever tell the truth? Will they ever tell the truth? A long time ago I stood on my land and felt the river of blood and sorrows rise up inside me & I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out so I wrote this to make some noise *********************************************** "O bless me Father for I have sinned..." O Forgive me Father for telling it how it was/is Those bastards, yes bastards, knew what they were doing *********************************************** My Mother had a fear of poverty like her Mother that generational fear based on factual events that trickles on down into ones psyche My Mother was frugal and careful and nothing must be wasted espicially not food... My Mother was right when she told me a few years before she died "This world it be all about money just money" Who wants to be poor and subjugated? 130403039